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本周五入伏 南京市中医院冬病夏治正式开启



The public experienced moxibustion. Hospital map

On this Friday (July 12), Nanjing will officially enter the "three days." The reporter learned that before the official entry into the "three days", many people have already booked an appointment with the Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital. Then why do you choose to go to the hospital for winter sickness and summer treatment on the hottest day of the year? The reporter recently went to the Nanjing Chinese Medicine Hospital to find out.

Winter sickness in summer, citizen registration appointment is hot

Director Yu Bo of the Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that winter disease refers to some diseases that occur in winter or in winter. Xia Zhi refers to the adaptation of the summer and the natural environment. The laws of nature use the "warm and hot" energy of nature to warm up the body's yang, seduce evil and dispel cold, warm the blood, ignite the fire, apply drugs, moxibustion, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Cupping, scraping, fumigation and other methods to treat the above winter disease. Winter disease is a characteristic therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, it has been welcomed and respected by people for its simplicity, convenience, and honesty. For some physiques, certain diseases in the three days or summer solstice to the autumn and autumn, the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods for treatment, in order to achieve the purpose of supporting the right. Modern medical and pharmacological studies have also confirmed that this method can improve the symptoms of certain chronic diseases, adjust the body's immune function, and is widely used in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Chen Chaoming, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that as Chinese medicine is trusted by more citizens and everyone's health needs continue to rise, more and more people pay attention to summer health. Many patients with respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases have improved their symptoms after treatment with winter disease and summer treatment. In addition to treating diseases, winter disease has a unique effect on conditioning sub-health, so in recent years more and more people will come to winter and summer in the three days. In the various departments of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, many citizens have already made an appointment for winter disease and summer treatment.

xx多学科房间联动,给身体“植物太阳”据报道,今年南京中医医院的冬季病夏季工作是由多个部门同时进行的,每个部门结合了专业的疾病的诊断和治疗,总结有针对性的治疗方案不仅有利于患者选择适当的部门和专家来访,还有利于专业的专业化,实现更专业,更有效的治疗,具体部门是具体如下:1。治疗疾病中枢适应症:慢性咳嗽,哮喘,慢性支气管炎,慢性阻塞性肺病等;过敏性鼻炎,咽炎等;身体虚弱且容易感冒的儿童;颈椎病,肩周炎,腰椎间盘突出症,骨关节炎等;妇产科疾病。 2.针灸适应症:慢性支气管炎,支气管哮喘,过敏性鼻炎,体弱和感冒等呼吸系统疾病;风湿病和类风湿性关节炎,强直性脊柱炎和其他免疫系统疾病;慢性胃肠炎,慢性胃溃疡和十二指肠溃疡,慢性腹泻等消化系统疾病;颈肩痛,骨关节炎等运动系统疾病;手脚冰冷,感冒等感冒疾病和亚健康人。 3.耳鼻喉科适应症:过敏性鼻炎,慢性鼻窦炎,慢性咽炎,慢性扁桃体炎,顽固性咳嗽,打鼾,哮喘,身体易感等反复发作或寒冷突然增加。 4.小儿适应症:小儿哮喘,过敏性咳嗽,反复呼吸道感染(咽炎,反复扁桃体炎,支气管炎,肺炎等),慢性咳嗽,过敏性鼻炎和脾胃虚弱型厌食,腹泻等疾病。 5.肾脏疾病的适应症:尿频,尿失禁,慢性肾炎,肾虚等。

6.呼吸系统适应症:慢性咳嗽,慢性支气管炎,支气管哮喘,慢性阻塞性肺病;过敏性咳嗽,慢性咽炎,反复呼吸道感染。 7.脾胃疾病的适应症:慢性胃炎,慢性萎缩性胃炎虚寒症;慢性腹泻,溃疡性结肠炎虚寒证。 8.老年症适应症:慢性支气管炎,慢性阻塞性肺病,支气管哮喘,咳嗽变异性哮喘,过敏性鼻炎等;肩胛骨周围炎,腰痛,骨关节炎等;慢性腹泻,慢性胃炎综合征是虚寒型等。

Fuzheng Sun, more internal and external treatment methods Director Chen introduced: in the three days to select the appropriate points for traditional Chinese medicine application, moxibustion, acupuncture, cupping, scraping and so on. Among them, the most commonly used, the best, the most convenient and most familiar, is the acupoint application therapy, also known as "three-volt stickers." Mainly using the Xin Wen Xiang dry drug on the acupoints, the drug is easy to enter the acupoint meridians from the skin, through the operation of the meridian qi and blood to reach the relevant organs, in order to adjust the body function and enhance disease resistance, in order to make "right gas, Evil can not be done" to prevent the onset of winter and spring. The adaptability of Sanfu paste is mainly for patients with allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and cold. All of the above diseases are difficult to get rid of, and it is necessary to adhere to the drug treatment for many years to achieve satisfactory results. In addition, Sanfu paste has good treatment for chronic gastroenteritis caused by lack of yang of the body, chronic diarrhea, neck and shoulder pain, bone and joint pain, ankylosing spondylitis, body weakness and cold. effect. At the time of treatment, the expert will select different acupuncture points for application according to different disease certificates, and apply for syndrome differentiation and one person. For some people who are highly allergic to the skin or have other treatments that are not suitable for external application of traditional Chinese medicine, warm needles, moxibustion, Chinese medicine orally, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation, cupping, scraping and other methods can also be used. In addition to external treatment, according to the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation, winter disease can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine for oral control, using different drugs for oral administration or food therapy, such as oral administration of Chinese medicine, Chinese patent medicine, medicated diet, diet therapy. This requires doctors to dialectical treatment, it varies from person to person, and it cannot be generalized. Which method works best, it requires expert diagnosis before the best solution can be proposed.


健康小贴士: 1.“三伏”具体时间: 初伏:7月12日-7月21日(10天) 中伏:7月22日-8月10日(20天) 末伏:8月11日-8月20日(10天)2.南京市中医院已经整体搬迁新址,新址位于南京市秦淮区大明路157号,老病患切勿跑错地点哦!

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